THE WRITE STUFF – New and Fledgling Authors, it’s birth . . .



The simple answer is because they are awesome . . . the longer answer is so much more than that. From meeting with other people in the industry to learning how to master your craft, Writer’s Conferences bring a social aspect into what can be a very lonely profession.

I just returned home from my first conference. Honestly, I had no idea what to expect, but what I discovered was an entire community of people who wanted to do the same thing as me – WRITE!!!

Every person had a story to tell, a question to ask or an encouragement to offer. In short this is what I gained access to when I got into my car and then pulled into that hotel parking lot:

  1. A like-minded community of people.
  2. Opportunities to volunteer and, thus, give back to that community
  3. NETWORKING! The ability to pitch to agents and editors face to face
  4. New Friends – facebooks buddies, author pages to follow, and rising stars!
  5. A checklist of “To Do” items to continue making the best of this new adventure
  6. A realization that there is a need for more of this community every day . . .

That being said, I also returned home, reached out to all the people from the conference and started this group on Facebook:

THE WRITE STUFF – New and Fedlgeling Authors


It’s a place to come together, master your craft, ask questions and seek encouragement. From starting your project and taking it to publication, my plan is for this page to be a resource for new writers.

Let’s rise up into our future together!


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