The Phoenix Rising Trilogy, by A.L.Wyss

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A Flash of Fire, Book #1 

After an unfortunate incident during her school science fair, Vivian’s mom and dad agree the time has come to reveal their long-hidden secret…fire powers run in the family and her entire childhood was a lie.

Vivian’s worries quickly shift from life after graduation to mastering her newly found powers. That is, until her parents go missing. With her magic (and life) out of control she follows the trail of clues to RISE, an academy that trains demi-gods and fabled creatures spy skills for blending into our non-magical world. School isn’t about fighting for good grades anymore. It’s about fighting for her life!

With the help of her best friend, an errant god’s son, and a flighty fairy, Vivian will need to find her parents and prevent a war between gods and men…while also avoiding burning her life to the ground.

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Drowning the Flames, Book #2

Vivian is still trying to figure out how she fits into this new world of myth and magic. Having uncovered her parent’s secrets, now she’s not sure she wants to have anything to do with the crazy life they’ve been hiding from her. Unfortunately, the folks at RISE have a different idea.

There’s a new bad guy in town. Poseidon, the king of the ocean, is looking for the key and, since she’s the one who lost it, it’s up to her to find it. If the power-hungry water king gets his hands on the key he’ll wield its power and flood the earth.

With the help of her friends, and a few land loving mermaids, Vivian will need to travel from the city streets of Tokyo to the deepest depths of the ocean. Can she stay ahead of Poseidon, help the mermaid resistance, and, finally, bring the key to safety?

Into Ashes, Book #3 

Having traveled through the ashy gray plains of the Underworld and into the cold dark depths of the Pacific Ocean, Vivian finally managed to safely deliver the Key of Light to RISE.

Now, tired of centuries in hiding, the RISE Council is determined to use the key to enter the gates of Olympus and ensure that all the fae creatures return to their homeland…whether they want to or not. Questioning her decision to support the power-hungry RISE leaders, Vivian is tired of watching both the rebels and RISE refuse to respect the fae’s freedom and personal choice.

From espionage in rainy Seattle to solving riddles in the snowy Russian tundra, Vivian and her friends must find a way to stop RISE and make sure that everyone is allowed to choose between a life on earth or a home in paradise…forever.