Can you say, “What will I learn about me today?”

Is this forum meant to update you as the reader or for me to educate and share as a writer? Probably both.

That being said, I have nothing magical or wonderful to say. No tidbits of wisdom or magic beans to watch grow. In short, it’s has been a couple of LONG weeks. Mostly I’m journaling my path here on this digital page.

In the last two weeks, I applied for an internship at a literary agency (fingers quadruple crossed), I’ve written close to 30,000 words for NaNoWriMo 2018 and I’ve made sure three little people were fed, brushed and educated.

You know what I learned?

  1. I’m a very quick typer. Thank the lord for that.
  2. It’s okay to love more than one genre of writing. I’m still discovering my path.
  3. It turns out, starting at about the 20K word mark, I am a planner. I’m three novels in and it keeps happening. This is a pretty eye-opening discovery for me. It might explain why I have simply piled up unfinished manuscripts for the last 10 years instead of completing anything.
  4. It is still possible to meet a 2K a day word count, day after day, when I’m SUPER tired.

Seemingly tiny observations, with one big point. We can still learn new things about ourselves every single day, regardless of our age or experience. 

The willingness to do new things, rise up, and, subsequently, to fail make those little discoveries possible.

Can you say, “I wonder what I’ll learn about me today?”


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