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I am pitching and querying which means that I am looking for ANY way to get my work into the hands of an agent or editor. My favorite has been via conferences because I love the face to face, but I have been looking for other options, as well. Spending a fair amount of time on Twitter lately, I’ve found another fun way to share my work without the pressing stress of a query letter.

Twitter Pitchfests and Parties are coordinated by some amazing people, these hashtag parties happen throughout the year giving writers an opportunity to be seen and heard by editors and agents in the industry.

Below is a large selection of annual events and the coordinator or website links for more information. You can always search the hashtag on Twitter for more, too.


#Pit2Pub – (@KVanRisseghem‘s site or @Pit2Pub)

#CanLitPit – (@DigiWriting’s site)

#PitProm – (http://www.pitprom.com/)

#PitProm – The wepage is HERE

#RevPit – (http://www.reviseresub.com/)

#PitMad – (See @brendadrake‘s site or website HERE) QUARTLY

#PitchWars – This is a big one! The website is HERE

#PassOrPages – Three times a year, calendar and info can be found HERE

#PitchMas – (@PitchMas)

#IWSGPit – http://www.insecurewriterssupportgroup.com/p/iwsg-twitter-pitch.html

#AMM – Author Mentor Match – website HERE

#PitchAnIntern – https://www.fillesvertespublishing.com/pitchanintern/


#KissPitch – ROMANCE – https://allthekissing.com/kisspitch/

#CarinaPitch – ROMANCE – More info on their BLOG HERE or on Twitter @CarinaPress

#DVPit – DIVERSE AUTHORS – (www.dvpit.com)

#SFFPit – SCI-FI & FANTASY – (see @DanKoboldt‘s site or website HERE) Bi-Annually

#PitDark – DARK GENRES – Murder/Suspense/Horror/Etc. (see @JasonHuebinger‘s site or @PitDark_)

#SonofaPitch (AKA #SOAP18) – YA/NEW ADULT/ADULT (see @HamsteadKatie‘s site or podcast)

#FaithPitch – FAITH GENRES (@Faith_Pitch) or their website HERE

#AdPit – ADULT GENRES (no PB/MG/YA) – (see @Heidi_Norrod‘s site or website HERE)

#KidPit – BOARD/PICTURE/EASY READER/CHAPTER/MG/YA (see @Heidi_Norrod‘s site or website HERE) – https://heidinorrod.wordpress.com/kidpit/

#PBPitch – PICTURE –  http://www.pbpitch.com/ More info on particular publisher’s wants – HERE

#PitchCB – In the UK, Curtis Brown UK with more info on their website HERE

Additional information, including dates and event guidelines, can be found via the twitter tags, websites or blogs above. Because dates change, I’m adding this amazing resource from iWritely:


Before planning to participate in any event I would recommend reading the guidelines found on the event coordinator’s Twitter page or website. You should be aware of:

        Event Date

        Event Start/Stop Time

        How to Tag Your Submission with Genre & Event

        Length of Submission

        Number of Times a Day You Are Allowed to Tweet

        How Often You May Tweet (NO more than 1 x hour is best, but each event can have its own rules)

Also, NOT A PITCH EVENT, but something to be aware of, some agents and editors will tag a “Manuscript Wish List” with #MSWL. This is a good way to find the right agents and editors for your work. Research their submission guidelines and cold query the agent with #MSWL in the subject line. In the body of the email, copy their #MSWL tweet before adding the rest of your query letter. 

Now that you know what events are open for submissions, you might be asking yourself if all this is for you. If you’re already looking for an agent or querying a finished and polished manuscript, it can’t hurt to add Twitter Pitches to your To-Do list.

Just like any part of the querying process, you shouldn’t rush yourself. Make sure you have a solid logline pitch and you’re feeling comfortable sharing your work. When an agent “likes” or “hearts” your pitch you are receiving a request to send them your work. That means sooner rather than later. It’s always wisest to put your best foot forward.

Some recapped pointers from my research:

    • Have more than one pitch for the same book – you can post multiple times a day, so make them all count. This will catch readers attention, what didn’t work the first time, isn’t likely to work the second time.
    • Stick closely to the event guidelines. Not only are you selling your book, but you’re also selling you. Show the agents you can follow the rules and get things done.
    • Keep it simple, but give them the hook. Read the blogs and check out the examples for forming a perfect pitch.
  • Get feedback in advance from your peers and writer’s community. There is a “practice pitch” event on the Pitch Calendar – mock up your pitch and get feedback. Perfecting your pitch will help sell your book.

Once your Pitch is perfected and posted, what do you do? The short answer is to wait. When an agent “likes” your pitch that is them asking you for a submission. Make sure you:

Check their feed to find out how they want submissions made (How much of your manuscript, via email, what format, etc). If they have not posted on their feed, you may tweet to ask them what they would like, but check their feed FIRST. When sending your submission, make sure to include the contest and title of your book in the subject line. To avoid confusing the system – DO NOT HEART other people’s submissions. That’s for the agent’s only, but you can retweet and send them encouragement.

There are so many wonderful resources for helping form your pitch. Here are a few blogs I read and would like to share:

How to Pitch:


How to Write a Pitch:




2 thoughts on “Pitch Parties and Contests on Twitter”

  1. Hi Amber,
    Thanks for the link! This is a great resource.

    Just a quick note: Most agents don’t accept pitches on Twitter, even in response to a MSWL tweet. Asking a clarifying question is usually fine,* but for actual pitches, it’s better to cold query the agent with #mswl in the subject line, and in the body of the email, copy their MSWL tweet before adding the rest of the query letter.

    *See Angie Thomas’ interaction with Brooks Sherman, which led her to query him with The Hate U Give: https://twitter.com/angiecthomas/status/606175459139674112

    ❤ Lara


    1. Thank you! I love this clarification. I was slightly unsure about that, but the other blogs and statements I’d heard advised as above. I’ll update this ASAP. Thanks, again, Amber

      Liked by 1 person

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